Everything and all matters.


It’s crazy isn’t it?

How one minute your life can be so perfect and the next, it’s as if your whole world has just been shattered. Whether it be by a text from someone close to you, or a smart remark by a complete stranger.

My point is, the world that we live in is so dynamic; we’re always hearing things, seeing things, learning things and forgetting things.

In a split second, the life you know today could be a life you can barely recognize tomorrow and we question how because we can never seem to understand.

We question why because we don’t want to understand.

Someone you love could be here today, and gone tomorrow whether it be by death or they stop loving you completely;

Someone you wouldn’t imagine knowing or meeting could have a huge impact on your life in just a matter of seconds, minutes or even hours and those same seconds, minutes or hours could turn into months, years or even a lifetime; A friend you’ve known since forever today could turn into a complete stranger tomorrow; You’re in one country today and in another country tomorrow.

With all these things happening daily,

we search for answers, even when we know those answers still wouldn’t be enough, we still search for reasons we know not of. We still search because we want it all to make sense.

We want the meaning of change to make sense but it never does and we have to accept that whether we like it or not.

what we fail to learn is this. Change happens because it’s suppose to happen and it’s inevitable because the world we live in is constantly evolving in effort for us to grow as individuals. What changes in our lives on a daily basis shapes us for what is to come. We may not like the change the second it happened, but a few years down the road we will be glad the thing we feared the most, is the thing we are most grateful for.

it’s crazy isn’t it?

-Karesha Kennedy

Everything and all matters.

The terrible truth

What you see in front of you isn’t necessarily what you get behind closed doors. As a matter of fact, it’s rarely what you get behind closed doors. 

People wear many faces daily– Work faces, school faces, church faces, party faces, even bed faces. 

People pretend well just to get by due to the excess exhaustion the world brings. 

We judge daily based on our interactions not knowing what lies beneath the surface of things; we judge daily based on the stories we create about other people, not knowing that what they are facing is deeper and greater than that of what we know and with that being done, the stories we create about others writes a story for “the self”. 

Even the judgers are being judged. 

So again, we all wear faces because we don’t want anyone to know our story. 

Believe it or not, the lines on our faces tell how distressed and how over whelmed we are and on the other hand it tells how happy and satisfied we are; they tell the story of who we are and what we are about as well as what it is we ought to become. 

Mankind has shaped itself in such a way where we have to be cautious of what it is that we wish to say and whatever it is that we wish to perceive. In other words, we choose what we want to say and we choose what we want to understand. Why? we don’t want to be judged by the things we say and we don’t want to be judged by the things we understand or don’t understand. As a matter of fact we don’t want to be judged by the things we do. 

Fact of life is, we can’t please anyone in this here life, and the one thing we face daily, is the ability to please our selves. 

We can’t please others or act how we’d like to, so we wear faces to get by and to put up with whatever it is that the world throws at us and that.. 

That is the terrible truth we live in. 

– Karesha Kennedy 

Everything and all matters.

Why settle? 

Listen, a friendship or a relationship with half benefits is not beneficial at all.

You cannot expect to want the world and you’re not even willing to cross oceans for another person.

Any relationship, whether it be intimate or friendly, deserves reciprocity as well as compromise.

Have you ever heard of a saying that goes, “where much is given, much is expected”?

Where much is given much is definitely expected. You cannot give me 20 and expect 80.

A friend or a significant other that wants but refuses to go out of their way and give because it’s not to their liking, you cut that person off.

What isn’t growing with you, what doesn’t serve you, what doesn’t build with you, what doesn’t contribute to your happiness; you subtract it from your life.

Persons who want to give you a half relationship deserves no relationship.

That’s not love and that’s not the type of love you should be telling yourself that you deserve just because you fear not finding another like that person or you fear losing that person on a whole.

Don’t search for your past in everyone else.

I use to believe that as long as you gave your all to something, it mattered 0 what you got back.. That’s not being respectful to yourself, that’s settling.

Are you gonna settle for what you know you don’t deserve?

You care but there’s a limit to how much you care. You love but there’s a limit to how much you love.

– Karesha Kennedy


Everything and all matters.

Be your own anchor

You know what the worst thing in life is. The worst thing in life is wanting to be able to let it all out, to let it go. But you can’t. You can. But you can’t because you feel trapped. The worst thing in life is having a bunch of people say, ” I am here when you need me” yet it feels like the opposite. The worst thing in life is being in a crowded room, surrounded by people who say they are your friends, yet in the midst of all that, you don’t feel like you belong.

You feel as though you are drowning and you want to be saved but at the same time you oppress any hand that is handed to you.

You tell yourself that if you ignore it long enough, it will go away but it doesn’t. It eats at you until it slowly consumes you.

Truth is you’re just tired. You’re tired because for once in your life, for once you’d like someone to be saviour for you to put out the extra effort to be your saviour even if you oppress whatever help they give you. You’d like someone to fight for you because you’re always the one fighting for others.

You need a sweet sweet release and no one can give that to you because the minute you let someone in, they remind you why you didn’t in the first place.

So you try to be that anchor for yourself. Only to you, it still isn’t enough.

You wear a mask for others, you toughen up for others, but you lack such a courage for yourself because you’re simply tired.

But let me tell you this.

You can be tired and be your own anchor. You can be tired without seeking the validations and the approval of others and be your own anchor.

Learn to accept and believe that the world doesn’t revolve around anyone else any more than it does you.

Be your own anchor because the minute you break into the habit of depending on people and they leave you to hold your self up in times when you need them most, you’re gonna find yourself on a bathroom floor, sobbing and wondering..

“How did i get here?”

Don’t get me wrong. At some point in time you’re gonna need people no matter how much you tell yourself you won’t. You need people to get by because nothing sucks more than being by your lonesome in a world where all you want to do is feel like you belong.

Be your own anchor because the only person who can answer the questions floating above your head is you.

We all get tired sometimes. We all get frustrated and we all can’t be bothered with anyone sometimes & that’s okay.

You and only you can provide your sweet sweet release. You and only you can change your world around you; the people around you and the things around you.

You have that control and no one is obligated to take that from you unless you make them.

In a world where nothing makes sense, ensure that above all else, you make sense.

In a world where frustration and hurt is inevitable and the urge to just let go and sink is more than your will to endure it all, remember who you are.

Remember your anchor.
You’re tired. I know. Just don’t be tired for too long.

-Karesha Kennedy


Everything and all matters.

Je t’aime Mon amour 

Love is like any foreign language spoken. 

You see it, you hear it, you try to understand it and with any opportunity you get, you try to communicate it. 

It is a language not many persons are accustomed to though we were taught to love and taught to receive love from the womb. When you witness something so great first hand, you’re blown away by the full effects it carries with it. 

You say to yourself, “how can I speak something so beautifully, so effortlessly and so fluently like them?”
You see, just like any foreign language, you can learn to love. You can learn to speak it for others to hear it. Especially to the person you need to hear it the most. 

Just like any foreign language that we are unfamiliar with, we a have a choice to learn it. 

Just like any foreign language and having a conversation, reciprocation is important. If we are truly engaged in giving and receiving love, we ought not to question anything that comes after. Learning to love isn’t easy, learning a new language isn’t easy at first either. But the more you allow yourself to accept that you want to be apart of something beautiful, is the more you are willing to learn and the more your body convinces you that this is how you want to feel. 

Just like any foreign language you see on paper and you try to translate it, with your actions you can say what you mean with love, and mean what you say. 

Just like any foreign language, you can listen to love– “Tell me when you’re home, how was your day, I love you”. 

Just like any foreign language, you can understand love in effort to be understood. 

As the author Samantha King said, “we were born to love, but cursed to feel” and just like any language, we were born to communicate, but words hurt and hurt is inevitable, however, how we respond to such a hurt is solely dependent on us; how we respond to the way we are loved is dependent on us. How we respond to any language spoken to us, is dependent on us. 

Be patient with this language that we were taught naturally, be kind with this language, be obedient with this language for this language as the ancient greeks termed it, is the “madness of the Gods”.
-Karesha Kennedy

Everything and all matters.


I stared at my phone with tears in my eyes then i fell asleep with you in my heart. 

But that’s all there was to it. I didn’t miss you anymore than i should have and i didn’t miss you any less than i could have. I just fell asleep with you in my heart. 

I wasn’t tearing up because i needed you. I was tearing up because i was reminded of who I was before I met you, and who I can become now that i’ve let go of you. 

I went into my gallery, i glimpsed our photos and our videos. I looked at one. 

I didn’t get the rush i’d normally get from the adrenaline my body produces. That was just it. I only fell asleep with you in my heart. 

I fell asleep with you in my heart because that’s how healing is. I accept that the pain is there, and it’ll lessen with time.

I fell asleep with you in my heart because I won’t force these images out of my mind. 

I was once yours and you, well, now i’m not so sure if you were mine. 

That’s okay though. I just fell asleep with you in my heart. That doesn’t mean because of you i’ll tear my whole world apart. 

Good riddance to you, i’m getting back on my feet,i like my new start. 

for once since everything happened, today i can say, i didn’t wake up with you in my heart. 

– Karesha Kennedy